Luis de la Carrasca - Encuentro Flamenco

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Luis de la Carrasca - Encuentro Flamenco

Encuentro Flamenco

You can hear the enchanting warm voice of Luis de la Carrasca rising up. Nothing then counts but the music… But Flamenco is also a wild and sensual dance inextricably mixed with music in the same passion… without any frills. Above all state of ming, of celebration and fire.

A perfect harmony of music, singing and dancing that brings the audience into the bewitching world of this ancestral art.

3 or 4 artists :
Luis de la Carrasca (vocals) – José Luis Dominguez (guitar) – Ana Pérez and/or Kuky Santiago (dance)

In the press

« Full house for quality flamenco »
L'ArdennaisDécembre 2013 - Encuentro Flamenco
« The heat of Andalusian flamenco warms the stonecutters. »
La MontagneFévrier 2014 - Encuentro Flamenco

Encuentro Flamenco in video

Encuentro Flamenco
Théâtre des deux sapins, Giromagny