Luis de la Carrasca - Baró Drom

Baró Drom

Upcoming on March 17th 2023 - InOuïe Distribution

Luis de la Carrasca follows his sounds exploration, keeping one foot in the traditions and the other one in the modern world. He combines time, experiments as well as the desire of saying something fair and positive. Truths are not hidden in the flamenco.

He imagined and created personal compositions that arise from the deepest inspiration of his soul. Actually if Baró Drom refers to gipsies it also reflects very well the Great Journeys across the world and human history, until now. Every theme marks a stage and pays tribute to a trip lived with passion. Flamenco is life!His inspiration travels in his personal history, his reality, his knowledge, his wisdom and reflects a feeling that never wants to leave. In this route with both Flamenco guitares, he includes also in his journey an inspiration from classic music thanks to the piano, a flamenco instinct and a jazz impulse with the double bass, a freedom with the multi drums, and an energy with the choir, the « palmas » and the « zapateados ».

The vibration that flamenco prompts when he reaches the climax, comes from a clear state of trance which increases the strength and controls the energy required to reach its height.Luis de la Carrasca wants a music with no limits that he can put together with any kind of music and also bring it to flamenco.As a songwriter he is attentive to sounds of the World, and believes too in power of words, of lyrics.

In the press

« Avec l'album Baró Drom, l'Andalou (...) ne cesse de revenir à la grande geste flamenca, qu'il modernise avec élégance, avec contrebasse et piano. TT »
Télérama5 avril 2023
« This last opus is a real little gem »
5 PlanètesMarch 2023
« An album of rare diversity, superbly incarnated »
Qué tal París ?10 March 2023
« A la fois très ancré dans la tradition, avec du «cante jondo» et des formes pures comme le «martinete», et ouvert sur les formes musicales actuelles »
Le Dauphiné Libéré19 mars 2023
« Il est actuellement la valeur sure du flamenco et sans doute l’artiste le plus reconnu du genre. »
Zicazic19 mars 2023
« A record whose diversity and emotional power of interpretation help to free flamenco from many outdated clichés. »
Move Paris5 March 2023

Baró Drom in video

Baró Drom (Clip officiel)
New album (2023)
EPK Baró Drom (2023) – Nouvel album de Luis de la Carrasca
New album (2023)