Luis de la Carrasca - Flamenco Por El Mundo

Flamenco Por El Mundo

Label Sunset France - Collection Playa Sound 2008
Registered in live at the Béziers Theater as part of Hivernales of flamenca dance in november 2007

A show which choose modernity and draw from his inspiration in tradition.
With strength and sincerity, musicians and dancers deliver those feelings of joy and of pain through singing and poetry, and in this way they transport us in the south of Spain, in hot Andalusian land, country of the flamenco soul.

Vocals : Luis de la Carrasca – Guitar : José Luis Dominguez
Drums / Cajón : Enrique Santiago – Violin : Pascal Delalee
Piano : Manolo Santiago – Vocals/Dance : Isabel Pelaez
Dance : Melinda Sala and Kuky Santiago