Luis de la Carrasca - Flamenco y Puro

Flamenco y Puro

Creation 2011 at the Avignon Fringe Festival

Luis de la Carrasca, native of Andalusia, has never forgotten where he is from : he wants to celebrate his roots in this new show. His husky and voice, the melodious or plaitive moving sound of the guitar led by the rhythm of the percussions go well with the powerful and energetic dancing. This is a sober and moving show in which the artists, bound together by obvious complicity, share their own personal touch and sensibility. Singing, music and dancing are inextricably mixed on the stage, where each artist brings their sensibility and personal touch to offer a performance in which the beauty and emotion of Andalucia are manifest.

This is a sober and intimate creation, full of emotion, which links modern and traditional Flamenco !

Vocals : Luis de la Carrasca – Guitar : José Luis Dominguez
Percussions / Cajón: Kadú Gomez
Dance : Kuky Santiago and Ana Pérez