Luis de la Carrasca - Récital Cante Jondo

Récital Cante Jondo

Luis de la Carrasca introduces us to the ‘cante jondo’ which is a special type of singing which comes straight from inner feelings.
It’s a lament in the deepest Flamenco style, with the mythical and mysterious notes of the flamenco guitar and poetic voices, Luis de la Carrasca speaks to our innermost senses to reconcile us with our bodies, souls and our very existence.

With :
Luis de la Carrasca (Song)
José luis Dominguez (Guitar)

In the press

« Luis de la Carrasca, well known and well loved, continues to sow the good word of a culture, spontaneous like a cry, deep like a philosophy. »
La ProvenceRécital Cante Jondo
« We have touched the soul of Flamenco. Thank you Luis. »
La MarseillaiseRécital Cante Jondo
« With a full, somewhat tragic voice, Luis de la Carrasca sings Andalusian styles, all in nuance, from a plaintive soleá to a burning and festive buleria. »
LibérationRécital Cante Jondo