Luis de la Carrasca

Luis de la Carrasca

(cantaor – artistic director of the Cie Flamenco Vivo)
Author-Composer – Member of SACEM, SACD, SPEDIDAM and ADAMI.

Originally from Huéscar (province of Grenada), he grew up in rural Andalusia amidst the world of Flamenco. He is currently the artist flamenco recognized and one of the references in the flamenco world. He is self-taught : he has inherited his gift for “el Cante” from his ancestors.

For a long time, he frequented the Flamenco Grenadin world and rubbed shoulders with the gypsy dancer Juan Ramirez. Then he performed in his native land, in the Balearic Islands (part 1 of Ana Reverte) and in the region of Alicante until 1991 when he moved to France.

Luis de la Carrasca performed for the first time at the Avignon Festival Off in 1991. Everything took off from then, he created the compagny « FLAMENCO VIVO » and at each Avignon Festival Off (from 1991 to 2023), he mounted and performed a new show. 

Since then his group has been constantly evolving as he discovers and surrounds himself with new artists and young French and Andalusian talent.

Luis de la Carrasca integrated Flamenco in dramatic and classical plays.

In 1994 he took part in the French film “Dis-moi oui’ by Alexandre Arcady.

He was also the one who initiated the Andalusian Festival organised by the Andalouse Alhambra Association in Avignon and the Vaucluse Region.

His album Baró Drom was released on March 17, 2023 (Production A. Andalouse Alhambra with the help of SCPP – Inouïe Distribution)

Incidental Music

Luis de la Carrasca has also composed music for plays in which he has directed the parts with flamenco music :

"Carmen Flamenco" from the work of Bizet and Mérimée

Premiere July 2017 at the Théâtre du Chêne Noir
Directed by Jean-Luc Paliès
Artistic collaboration with the companies Influenscènes and Coïncidences Vocales
Delegated production Alhambra in co-production with the Theatre of Saint Maur and Scène et Cies

« Yerma » adaptation of the novel of Federico García Lorca

Direction : Prosper Diss
An Alhambra and Sablier Theatre coproduction created in March 2015 for the 14th Andalusian Festival.

« Mariana Pineda »

Theatrical adaptation Flamenco from short-lived of Mariana Pineda, héroin from Granada
Direction : Prosper Diss
An Alhambra and Sablier Theatre coproduction created in March 2012 for the 11th Andalusian Festival.

« El Cordobés »

adaptation of the novel « Or I’ll dress you in mourning… » by Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins
Direction : Prosper Diss
An Alhambra and Sablier Theatre coproduction created in March 2010 for the 9th Andalusian Festival.

This is the faithful story of the toreo “El Cordobes” ans his rise to fame. From poverty to glory, the artists follow in El Cordobes’ footsteps and will tell, sing and dance to narrate the tragic and passionate story of modern Sapin.

« Le Cid, la légende Flamenco » (“The Cid, the Flamenco legend”)

By Pierre Corneille
Direction: Thomas Le Douarec
A 1998 Création 1998 – replayed in 2009

This is a Cid completely faithfull to his roots ie Spain, and more precisely Andalusia where Corneille sets the story.

« Ola Federico »

A play inspired by two novels by Frederico García Lorca :
“The Shoemaker’s Prodigious Wife” and “Blood Wedding”.
Direction : Prosper Diss
A 2007 Creation by the Sablier Theatre

Driven by the Flamenco music and dance, this adventure leads two youg actors to know Frederico Garcia Lorca the man, the poet, the playwright, the musician… It is such a rich journey that both He and She eventually recognized themselves in Frederic!

« Spontanément Flamenco » (“Spontaneously Flamenco”)

This show springs from an enchanting meeting in 2006 between Luis de la Carrasca – Cie Flamenco Vivo and the Improvisation Company from Lyon. The alchemy led to the co-creation of an improvisation show.

A unique improvisation show in which each artist assist each other to celebrate the fusion of flamenco and theatre improvisation.

« Théorie et Jeu du Duende » (Theory and play of the Duende)

In this adaptation of a conference by Federico García Lorca, the words of the Andalusian poet are transcended by the Flamenco music, singing and dancing.

Direction: Serge Barbuscia

A 1997 creation in co-production with the Balcon Theatre.