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Carmen Flamenco


Carmen Flamenco is an adaptation for 7 performers from the work of Bizet and Mérimée, a show which mixes theatre, lyrical song, flamenco singing and dancing.

How emerge the « duende » which lead the most recognized bohemian in literature and in opera ? By making meet two powerful vocal art, lyrical and « Canta Jondo », illustrate by movement and savoury moment of « bailaores».
The sing, the guitar, the piano and the dance and accented by syncopated rythm of the flamenco music mingle with and lead the character of Don José and Carmen towards to them tragic destiny.
The story of Don José mingle with famous tune performed by «our» Carmen, Maagali Paliès for the lyrical song and by Luis de la Carrasca for the flamenco.
Which opera lends its more than Carmen at variations and adaptations of it tunes towards to Flamenco Art ? No one !
The meeting of both univers will gain the heart of the public !

With : Luis de la Carrasca (Flamenco Song) – Magali Paliès (Lyrical Song) – José luis Dominguez (Flamenco Guitar) – Jérôme Boudin-Clauzel (Piano) – Ana Pérez and Kuky Santiago (Flamenco Dance) – Benjamin Penamaria (Comedian)

Booklet based on the short story written by Prosper Mérimée : Louise Doutreligne – Translation : Evelio Miñano – Scenography : Luca Jimenez – Costume : Alice Touvet – Stage diorection : Jean-Luc Paliès

Artistic Production : Association Andalouse Alhambra (line producer) / Influenscènes


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« La soirée subjugue par son rythme et son intensité dansée. Tout ici est incandescent »
Web ThéâtreGilles Costaz, décembre 2018 - Carmen Flamenco

Carmen Flamenco in video

Carmen Flamenco
Creation 2017