Luis de la Carrasca - Flamenco por un poeta

Flamenco por un poeta

Creation 2016 at the Avignon Fringe Festival

Luis de la Carrasca give him the challenge of recreate the univers of the most Flamenco poet of his time, Antonio Machado. Sing, guitar, and dance give live at characters and dive the public in a deep and tear Spain.
Luis de la Carrasca and his faithful companion performed this creation with fantasy, sincerity, generosity, emotion and brio. Those « Flamenco » express impatience, concern, resignation, hope, the joy which are sign of time and at the same time revelation of the beeigs ;
A Show which will conquer the audience heart with an authentic, deep, passioned Flamenco mixing wonderfully tradition and innovation, always searching the magic of the « Duende ».

Vocals : Luis de la Carrasca – Guitar : José Luis Dominguez
Dance : Kuky Santiago and Ana Pérez

Flamenco por un poeta in video

Flamenco por un poeta
Flamenco por un poeta